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Getting British Business Online (GBBO) is a website and system that Google launched which offers free websites and resources to help British businesses to get and grow online. We have been providing services to Google Sites users since it launched, so if you're looking for help with your GBBO site then you're in the right place.

Migration issues?

The most likely reason you're hear is because you have migrated to new Google Sites from classic Google Sites and need help with new Google Sites and specifically you want to map your domain custom URL to point to your new Google Site.

Help available!

Steegle offers instructions, help articles and paid for personalised support on how to make the most of your Google Site created through GBBO. You will also find links to other user friendly resources to help you edit and configure your GBBO Google Site.

If you signed up to GBBO before 11 May 2011 then Steegle can help . If you signed up to GBBO after 12 May 2011 then you will have a Yola site then Steegle cannot help, sorry as we're Google Sites experts.